Korea's App Ranking 3.8.5


"korea APP Rainking"

"Korea's App Ranking" (APPSOONI) is 200 million downloads reached!

Users of the Republic of Korea favorite apps are popular in appsooni

[Smart appsooni]

> Install an app, the most ideas?

> Run the most an app ideas?

> Recommended as the most popular apps, ideas?

> Galaxy S Users yesterday new installation of some apps do that?

[Share with a friend app]

> Make sure a friend to use the app.

> If you have any questions, free real-time directly to the message asks.

> Photos app-info, and other files, and sharing.

[My APP Management]

> I've used some apps, daily, weekly and monthly basis to determine the aggregate.

> My phone is installed just run the app.

> My phone is easy to remove installed apps.

> Create a shortcut on the home screen.


> APPSOONI recommend it!

> Essential apps for starters

> Would you like a game of Parcheesi?

> Ahyiponen there? Sunny von decorating

> Music is my lifeblood

(Message features Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) from version is supported.)

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OS:Android 2.1 and up

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